Letterboxing Stamps
From the 2001 "Mitten Tour"
(Tour Around the State of Michigan)

The following stamps are in letterboxes I placed on our 2001 vacation, something I call the "Mitten Tour" (because Michigan's lower peninsula is shaped like a mitten). We traveled the perimeter of the State of Michigan (lower and upper peninsulas) visiting family and friends, seeing Lakes Michigan, Superior, and Huron, seeing lighthouses(!), and placing letterboxes. I based this series of boxes on the state symbols of Michigan. Each stamp is no wider than 1.75 inches (so it will fit inside the kind of boxes I place). All were carved on Nasco Safety Kut.

 For more information on letterboxing, please click visit Letterboxing North America.

State Flower

Apple Blossom

State Wild Mammal

White Tail Deer

State Wildflower

Dwarf Lake Iris

State Stone

Petoskey Stone

State Tree

White Pine

State Fish

Brook Trout

State Reptile

Painted Turtle

State Bird