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My 2008 Dear Jane Holiday Block Swap Quilt

Jane Stickle created a quilt masterpiece in the nineteenth century. Her quilt, now housed in the Bennington Museum in Bennington, Vermont, comprises 225 pieced squares, triangles, and corner "kites." Many of the blocks contain pieces no larger than 1/4-inch square. Jane's completed quilt measures 80 1/4" x 80 1/4" and contains 5,602 individual pieces.

The Stickle quilt was made famous by Brenda Papadakis, who painstakingly and lovingly drafted patterns for each of the intricate blocks. Her book and template set have started many quilters on their own Dear Jane journey. CLICK HERE to learn more about Jane Stickle and Brenda Papadakis, and to order your own copy of Brenda's wonderful book so you can begin your own Dear Jane journey!

I  decided I needed a new challenge -- a quilt that will eventually find a home on my own bed -- so I began my Dear Jane journey. I expect that this journey will take me years to complete! I am piecing each block by hand using standard piecing techniques, not machine paper piecing. I intend to quilt it by hand, as well. The name of my quilt will be "Dear Jane Visits Belleville." (I live in Belleville, Michigan.)

The following framework documents my progress. For the most part, I am making the blocks from the top down. Every once in a while I get inspired to do a block out of order, or sometimes the Dear Jane List's Block of the Week. Each picture is an actual scan of the block I've made. Click on each finished block to see a larger view.

Note: I'm assembling each row as I go. The borders contain plain triangles as well as pieced triangles.

My Progress

Date Blocks Triangles Corners Pieces
03/17/2009 83 13 2 2221
Top Left Corner, Sadie Rose Top Row 1, Spanish Moss Top Row 2, Australian Pines Top Row 3, Checkerboard Top Row 4, Bennington Cross Top Row 5, Michigan Dunes Top Row 6, Carla's Candle Flame Top Row 7, Norway's Fjord Top Row 8, Brigadoon Top Row 9, Needle's Point Top Row 10, Precious Gems Top Row 11, Phoenix Top Row 12, Jane's Oak Top Row 13, Eiffel Tower Top Right Corner, Longwood
A-1, Pinwheel Gone Awry A-2, One, Two, Buckle My Shoe A-3, Hunter's Moon A-4, Courtney's Stethoscope A-5, Cathie's Campfire A-6, Uncle Homer A-7, Dad's Plaids A-8, Florence Nightingale A-9, Cabin Fever A-10, Which Points West? A-11, Pebble's Protest A-12, Framed Fancy A-13, Starlight-Starbright
B-1, Bachelor Buttons B-2, Sweet Tater Pie B-3, Mirror Image B-4, Chris's Soccer Field B-5, Hot Cross Buns B-6, Wild Goose Chase B-7, World Series B-8, Water Lily B-9, Tinker Toy B-10, Jud's Trophy B-11, Melissa's Cross B-12, Starflower B-13, Four Corner Press
C-1, Trooper Green's Badge C-2, Streak of Lightning C-3, Rayelle's Fence C-4, Tic-Tac-Toe C-5, Eye of the Cyclone C-6, Ashley's Aura C-7, Megan's Mountain Laurel C-8, Hani's Crown C-9, Jane's Tears C-10, Patriot's Lantern C-11, Soldiers and Sailors Monument C-12, Family Reunion C-13, Lakota Sioux
D-1, Alison's Guiding Light D-2, Mouse in a Mirror D-3, Jackson's Jacks D-4, Crystal Star D-5, Cathedral Window D-6, Challenge D-7, Meeting Place D-8, Dee Dee's Delight D-9, Uncle Richard D-10, Battlefield D-11, Snow Crystal D-12, Crossed Swords D-13, Field of Dreams
E-1, Aunt Exie's Phlox E-2, Merry May E-3, Paddle Wheels E-4, Buffalo Tree Hopper E-5, Rising Sun E-6, Michelle's Medley E-7, Bread Basket E-8, Mama's Maze E-10, Five & Dime
F-7, Star Struck
G-3, Four-Leaf Clover G-6, Papa's Star G-7, Indianapolis G-8, Justin's Comet G-9, Mary's Journey
H-3, Berry Basket H-4, Abbey's Eyes H-7, Bennington Star H-12, Hannah Lou's Hearts
I-2, Kaye's Courtyard
J-3, Rick's Volleyball Net J-4, Adelaine's Apron Strings J-6, Granny Weaver J-12, Rebecca's Basket
K-7, Rose of Sharing K-12, Doris's Dilemma
L-10, Nan's Naiad L-13, Harvest Moon
M-1, Dogwood Days M-10, Simple Simon M-12, Hopscotch

Copyright 2008-2009, Ruthann Zaroff