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An Angel for Angela - I made this for my son's girlfriend's birthday. The image is based on an Aubrey Beardsley drawing.

Raindrops on Hostas - This was based on a beautiful photograph taken by my friend Rosemary. The quilt is studded with tiny Swarovski crystals to represent the raindrops. I gave this quilt to Rose.
Marco Island - This is a photo of my son Teddy when he was 11 months old. My parents used to live on Marco Island in Florida, and we'd vacation there twice a year. I have a feeling that Heaven will be something like that!
Autumnal Gingko - This is a tiny quilt that is part of my Jewel Quilts project -- post-card sized quilts embellished with beads and embroidery. I love gingko trees. We have one in our yard. Unfortunately they grow so slowly that I'll never live to see its majestic mature height!

In addition to machine embroidery and beading, the binding of this quilt features bleaching.

Rose Jewel - Another quilt from my Jewel Quilt project. This quilt features a variety of machine embroidery stitches and quilting.
Mom's Egg - I love this jewel quilt! It is quite small, and took hours to hand-bead! I gave it to my mother-in-law for Easter 2008.
Indigo Bunting - My favorite bird is the indigo bunting. In 2003 I was having a truly terrible time after my husband was deployed overseas for a year. Our house foundation began crumbling and I had to deal with it all alone, moving to a hotel with Teddy at one point while the house was under reconstruction. One afternoon I was so despondent that I asked God to give me a sign that things would work out. I requested that He bring an indigo bunting to my birdfeeder. Until that time I had never seen one -- I only knew the picture from my Petersen's Field Guide. Less than a half hour later, an indigo bunting came to my feeder. This is a photograph of him on our windowsill looking in at me.
Flower Art Quilt - This is a series of small quilts added to a larger quilted background. The flowers and dragonfly are fuse-appliquéd and then embellished with machine embroidery and beading.
Teddy's Art Quilt - When rummaging through a box of mementos recently I ran across a quilt block that Teddy had made in school many years ago. I don't remember what age he was, but I suspect it was in about 5th or 6th grade. As a surprise for him, I finished his block and made a wall hanging. I don't know the meaning of the black blob upper right, but the world probably represents his greatest ambition: "World Domination." The two shells represent Marco Island. I machine quilted the blue border with his full name.
The Way Out - I made this quilt in a workshop with famed quilt artist Esterita Austin.

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